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The Off-Season Football Training Program at L.I.Y.F Player Academy is designed for athletes between the ages of 6-11 year’s old. The six-week clinic will cover all the fundamentals of playing football while offering a uniquely competitive and fun atmosphere.  Over the course of six weeks of instruction the experienced staff will cover and teach all the proper techniques through the use of relevant drills and incorporating advanced training equipment in teaching all the fundamentals of Offensive and Defensive positions. In addition there will be a focus on developing the athletes conditioning, agility, quickness and football speed.

The Off-Season Football Training Program will follow our “FOUR QUARTER CURRICULUM” and will be broken into 4 separate training sessions offered throughout the year.  Session #1 (First & Ten),  Session #2 (Two-Minute Drill), Session #3 (Spring Ball), and Session #4 (Training Camp) will each present a unique perspective on the fundamentals of the game.  Each player will be challenged physically and mentally as they compete in games and drills within each training session.


We also understand the importance of developing a Bigger, Stronger and Faster athlete.  Research has shown cross training, muscle confusion and functional training are the best ways for our young athletes to safely improve their athleticism.  For this reason, each session will be comprised of a combination of football instruction coupled with speed and agility training.


Please contact us with any questions.

1st & 10 Football Training

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